The waiting game….

So, the closed season marches ever onwards, with news filtering out from clubs about players signed, released etc. And the Phoenix have made their own announcements. Yet this seems to be inadequate for some of the fanbase. The simple fact that in the space of a month since the Silver Blades shit storm blew up in a most spectacular fashion the club hasn’t managed to announce concrete details of pretty much everything is sending some fans into what i can only describe as akin to a tantrum.

The WANT to know what is going on. They DEMAND that the club announces where we will be playing next season NOW! It is inconveniencing them to have to keep their money in the bank for a few more precious weeks, dammit!

Yes, you might have guessed that this is pissing me off just a bit.

Arranging to play out of another rink is a far from easy process. First off you need to find a rink willing to enter into talks about it. Then, once they agree, you need to talk to the incumbent teams. ALL of them. Juniors, Seniors, Women, Reccy, Sledge. Each will already have practise sessions and game sessions they use on a regular basis, so as a team looking to use their ice on a regular basis, you really do need to get all of them to agree to your proposals. And if one of them doesn’t for whatever reason, it is back to square one, and time to start over. But of course, we should have managed this by now. I mean, it has been a MONTH!


I’m not expecting anything to be sorted for at least another couple of weeks. These things take time. And it isn’t like the club will be procrastinating. Every day that passes without an announcement potentially costs the club money. Lost season ticket sales. Lost sponsors. And bills still have to be paid (because Tony hand doesn’t work for free over the summer).


Hell, the club has even announced its plans for a whole new permanent home rink away from the insidious behaviour of the Planet Petrouis group. But even this isn’t enough. Because people DEMAND to know EVERYTHING going on NOW!

Well, once the club knows, we’ll bloody well know. So my advice is sit tight, relax and be patient. Things will happen when they happen, not because someone on a forum writes demands ALL IN CAPITAL LETTERS, or keeps asking the same questions again and again, despite being given the only answer available.

And breathe….


  1. Robb,
    It would help if your blog entries had dates. Just reading your “what a week” entry and others and trying to work out the timeline

    1. Sorry about that. The page background colour was a bit too light, and the text used to display the date was almost invisible on it. Should be visible now though.

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