So whats been going on lately….

So, whats been going on lately in the world of Robb? Quite a bit, actually….

So, the biggest news on a personal level is that in addition to being fan liaison (a role I know many want to see me stripped of, but that’s Neils call to make), and goal judge (which is fun, but requires rather more concentration than I’m allowed at times, you naughty fans), I now find myself a part of the Manchester Phoenix webcast team. Yes, for those who haven’t seen it yet, I’m part of the pre game show as an analyst with Jim “Tambo” Piper, and I also provide some in game analysis during the period breaks. Oh, and on Sunday, I got to do the post game interviews. Or rather interview as Carl Graham thought it was a recording and didn’t show up until we went off air.

And, as anyone who saw me have to fly solo and try to fill airtime after Carls no show, it is bloody difficult to talk to camera for 5 minutes straight with no one to bounce off. But, we live and learn. For next week, I shall have copious notes about upcoming fixtures, etc. Honest.

And we have news on the rink. I’ll keep it brief and just to the facts (which no doubt will be taken apart, misinterpreted, analysed, and reconfigured to suit):

The paperwork is all filed with Manchester City Council.

Said paperwork is all in order.

A decision is expected “soon”. Yes, “soon”. As in we don’t know exactly when, but it is imminent.

Once we have confirmation of planning permission, Ice Tech have quoted 8-12 weeks to get the rink to the basic standard required for use. Not fully finished, but with the minimum facilities we will need to host games and get HSE clearance.

The hope is the rink will be ready for late December/Early January, but this is very much subject to change.

Naturally, some have already jumped on the fact that this information was given to the crowd in attendance at Blackpool, and those who watched the webcast. And of course, they took umbrage at this. Although, I do wonder why a someone who is now an avowed Storm fan, where he can watch a “better run team” with “nicer fans” is so upset that they were not made aware of this information the second it was revealed. The only reason I can see for their apparent apoplexy at this “rudeness” is their desire to cause trouble. Claiming Storm fans are “nicer” than Phoenix fans is a gross insult to the many wonderful, polite, friendly, knowledgeable, engaging and delightful people who still support the Phoenix. It also shows a level of spite and hatred that i frankly don’t understand. If we are so horrible and Storm are so much “nicer”, then why even bother to pay us any attention? I guess I pity this person more than anything else. Sure, they might not like Neil Morris in particular, or myself. Or even Tambo, or rammyrascal, but to attack the entire fanbase, which is what they are doing in effect, is sad. I’ve never had much time for people like that. Anyone who needs to denigrate or belittle others is a truly sad person who needs to look at themselves and ask why they feel the need to be so spiteful. (I’m sure this paragraph will generate some abusive comments, but bring it on. At least I’ve said thing that are worth insulting me for in the past).

Anyways, to end on a more positive note, we finally got that elusive first home win, Bebris took the MoTM honours with a hat-trick and 6 points in total, but it was by far the most effective team performance thus far. More of the same on Sunday, please!


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