A few thoughts.

It feels funny being in the off season and not having to wonder about signing news, etc. While I deeply miss my club, in a way it is a relief. For the first time in over a decade, I actually have a summer that I can spend doing, well, stuff.

Of course, hockey is still a part of my life, albeit a much diminished one. Last weekend was the first proper meet up for Phoenix fans since the clubs rather unfortunate demise. And it was heartening to see such a healthy turn out, especially given the events of the week leading up to it (more on that later). Seeing the faces of people that had become so familiar to me certainly helped raise my spirits, and there seemed to be a lot in the way of laughter and joy in the room. Naturally, hockey was discussed, but mostly it was just friends getting together and enjoying each others company. As long as we keep doing that, the Phoenix will never truly die.

Now, the terrible events at the Manchester Arena were on peoples minds (naturally). Many of us saw our first hockey match in that building. Many of us still frequent it for concerts, etc. And the charity game being held at Altrincham was a popular topic. As I have noted elsewhere, I am breaking my “no Altrincham ice rink” rule for this event as a one off. Some things are just that much more important than any issues I may have with the buildings owners. From what I gathered last weekend, there will be a very healthy contingent of Phoenix fans attending, as well as Storm fans and others from around the country. As I write this, there are just 700 tickets left, so if you are intending on visiting for the game, I heartily suggest that you grab your ticket pronto.

And thats it for now. I shall return soon with my thoughts on where the sport is, and where it should be headed very soon. Honest.

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