Looking forwards to the new season.

Well, tis but a week til the pre season games, then the 2008-2009 EIHL season will be underway.

And I’m damn happy that the EIHL is still around. Sure, it ain’t perfect (far from it infact), but it functions. And Its lasted longer than certain elements of the British hockey fraternity expected/wanted it to.

Plus, I’m positive for the Phoenix. The signings made look good. Neil seems confident (or did when i saw him in Ikea). All we need now are a few simple things….like decent ice at the Dome. And better tactics than ‘get the puck to Tony and see what he can set up’. Hopefully, with us running enough imports for 3 lines, the Brit lads will come on some more during the season, as seeing them on the ice always lifts the crowd.

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