It’s been a long time….

Hasn’t it? June was the last time I wrote one of my missives. Just before the charity game, in fact.

So, what’s been going on since then? Well, hockey wise for me, not a lot. I haven’t set foot inside a rink since then. And I really don’t want to at the minute. Sure, I miss seeing my friends, and watching the games, but to be honest all the stress and anger of the last 2 years is still far too fresh in my mind for me to truly relax at a rink. Even at the charity game, I was anxious. Waiting for someone to make a comment. It didn’t happen, but the anxiety…. Well, I can live without that for now.

And it is far easier than I thought it would be. I’m finding ways to fill the time (basketball, video games, mindfulness), and I’ve always got FreeSports to give me my hockey fix.

Anyways, I shall be back soon enough, with a piece looking at what has been happening thus far in the world of British Ice Hockey. I’m sure it will offend a few poor souls, but such is life.

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