Predictions time……

Yes, everyone does predictions at this stage of the season, but I thought I’d do some that are a bit ‘different’…….

Dumbest comment from a club spokesman: This is probably the easiest category to make a prediction for. In terms of ‘dumb’ comments, one man stands head and shoulders above the rest. He is a titan in the realm of inane banter. A leviathan of boneheadedness. Ladies and gentlemen, I predict that the dumbest ‘official’ comment will be uttered by none other than Dave ‘I bleed teal and orange’ Simms.

Most comedic player: This one is a bit tougher. I’ve narrowed it down to 2 players. And lets be honest, it could only be one of these two. So, take your pick from the ‘Pasty’ Jeremy Cornish, or the ‘Donkey’ Andre Payette.

Most irritating, ungrateful little shit: I predict the winner of this particular title will be Mark Thomas. He really is irritating. Seriously. He must have studied Vezio Sacrattini tapes for months to become as irritating as he has. And as for ungrateful, well, he has been known to pass, shall we say, uncomplimentary comments about the Phoenix and its set-up before now (allegedly- Ass covering legal rep). Twat.

Foregone conclusion: My prediction here is thus: Tony Hand to announce he still can’t decide if he wants to retire or not at the end of season do. We all know he will ‘consider his options’, and we all know he will keep on playing.

And finally, a serious one:

League standings come end of season: Squeelers to win the league, Panties to choke, Giants to get off to a flyer then fade, Blaze to be there or thereabouts, Phoenix to improve, Vipers to underachive, Devils to stay pretty much the same, Bison to plod along, Capitals to do better than expected, Stingrays to lose (and fight) a lot.

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